Serving A Wide Range
of Industries

Well designed and supported Metal Detector systems are a necessary part of the production process.  They are there to protect expensive equipment and prevent costly downtime in the event that damaging metal is present. 

As industry leaders, MDI has over 50 years of experience providing metal detection equipment to help solve metal contaminant issues.  MDI specializes in designing and supporting Metal Detection systems for a wide range of industries including Wood Processing, Bio-Fuel, Aggregate, Recycling and others.  MDI Metal Detectors are designed to work in harsh environments taking into account such things as changes in process equipment and issues that can arise from evolving technology within the mill environment.  MDI meets those challenges with new innovations in order to consistently provide the best equipment available for the protection you need. 

MDI Metal Detectors can provide an insurance policy that not only pays for itself over time in the reduction of metal damage and downtime, but they can actually pay dividends by reducing the loss of production that can occur without adequate protection of expensive equipment.  As long as there is manufacturing, there will be a need for protection of equipment from damage caused by unwanted metal in the process stream.

Asking key questions about the application, equipment to be protected, material to be scanned and conveying system will help MDI recommend the best system for your application.


Wood Products

MDI has custom designed Metal Detectors to protect key equipment in wood processing. Under Conveyor Systems to protect chippers, hogs, and Surround Metal Detectors to scan whole logs, cants, and boards in both the linear feed and transverse applications.



MDI takes pride in experienced and well-trained personnel that has the knowledge, experience and technology to help with any metal contaminate needs that may arise in today’s Bio-Fuel production environment.



The Recycling Industry as grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. MDI has met the challenges unique to the Industry with Metal Detection System designed and proven to work in a harsh environment.



The Aggregate industries load conveyors with a bucket that has teeth that are generally made out of Manganese. Manganese is a non-ferrous alloy that can be difficult for most metal detectors to detect. MDI has solved this problem with our MP-Series Metal Detector System.



MDI has been successful in providing Metal Detection equipment for a number of industries and applications such as Coal, Industrial Laundry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Plastics and more. If Industrial equipment needs to be protected from metal contaminants, MDI has a Metal Detector solution.