Service & Support


Technical & On-site
support Services

MDI prides itself on offering the best service plan in the industry. This includes free life-time telephone technical support for all our metal detector systems. You can be assured that we will provide support for every metal detector system MDI has ever sold. In addition, MDI recognizes the importance of limiting costly downtime and offers a Loaner Equipment Program to keep your operations running while potential repairs are made. 99% of all technical issues are resolved over the phone or through our Loaner Equipment Program. We have local service contractors available for on-site evaluation and repair in the greater Southeast region and in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to local service contractors, MDI offers on-site service on request.

Since 1965, MDI has built a reputation on being an industry leader by providing an exceptional service package for the life of your metal detector system, the latest in technological advancements and the integrity you deserve.

Benefits of Upgrading

In our goal to ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date and advanced metal detecting technology on the market, MDI offers upgrades for all of our Metal Detection Systems.

As technology rapidly advances, so have problems with environmental interference in lumber mills and other industrial applications. Variable frequency drives, handheld radios, cell phones, and static interference problems have been drastically reduced by Search Coil and Function Block technology available from MDI.

Making your Metal Detector System upgradable allows your site to have on-going access to cutting edge technology at a more economical cost than purchasing an entirely new system. Never before has cutting edge been so affordable.

Serving a Wide Range
of Industries

MDI’s experience has lead them to supply Metal Detectors for a wide range of industries including, Wood Products, Bio-Fuel, Recycling, Aggregates, and many others.