Surround Systems


TWA-2000 Series

Our TWA-2000 Surround Metal Detector Systems with proven MP-4 Digital Technology provide superb reliability and unmatched performance. The TWA-2000 Series Metal Detectors are the number one systems in the industry and they are proven to be the best investment you will make to protect your equipment and business from downtime and to ensure the quality of your product. Contact us for more information on which system is appropriate for your application.

Experienced sales staff and engineers are ready to design the perfect system for your application.

MDI TWA 2000 Series


The TWA‑2000‑HD, with MP-4 Digital Technology, will meet expectations in demanding installations and consistently provide top performance in areas where other metal detectors have failed.

TWA-2000 Transverse

The TWA-2000 Transverse Series Metal Detectors are designed to provide sensitivity equal to the planer series, allowing the product to be processed in a transverse orientation.

TWA-2000 Planer

Designed to provide the intense sensitivity required from a metal detector in a planer in-feed installation while functioning optimally in cramped and crowded environments.