MDI Splice Detector System

MDI understands that not all belts can be vulcanized and that some conveyors require the longevity and ease of service that a metal splice provides. Because of this customer need, MDI offers a Splice Detector System. This system allows the use of a metal detector in belt conveyor installations where a metal splice is being used. 

Installation requirements for this system are minimal and internal wiring is completed in house by MDI technicians prior to shipment. We do, however, advise any customer using a Splice Detector System of its inherent limitations. Simply put, the portion of the belt containing the metal splice is ignored, meaning that anywhere from one to five feet of the belt is ignored, depending upon the speed of the conveyor belt. We recommend vulcanized belt splices be used with our metal detectors, but also understand that this option is not always feasible.

Experienced sales staff and engineers are ready to design the perfect system for your application.